Website Hosting

We are not a public host and only offer hosting to our web design customers,

We provide our own hosting since it allows us to to offer you the best possible service through the one provider for all your website needs.


” All websites needs to be stored on a high specification web server 24 hrs per day. When a potential customer or visitor arrives on to your website, they will connect to another computer known as a server to download your pages to their computer. It is important that the server is fast and reliable.”

“Our hosting starts from as little as £5 a month”

If you wish to use our hosting as part of your website design, then below is the type of website hosting plans and prices we offer;


We can provide you with full website access through your website’s own control panel, which is fully loaded with tools and functions to help you get the most from your website.


Website Hosting Plans





Suitable for:


100 Mb 1 Gb £ 5.00 pm / £ 50 yr HTML Website


250 Mb 5 Gb £ 10.00 pm / £100 yr CMS Website


500 Mb 10 Gb £ 15.00 pm / £150 yr Large CMS Website


1 Gb 20 Gb £ 20. 00 pm / £200 yr Ecommerce Website


2 Gb 40 Gb £ 30. 00 pm / £300 yr Large Ecommerce Website
Content Management Or CMS Website Design

Cheap Website DesignWe can offer any type and size of web hosted from simple hosting plans through to private servers, if you have any special requirements then why not get in contact with us? We are confident that we will be able to accommodate your needs.





Some services our customers want to have seperate, however, It is hard to recommend other providers since we have used our own services for so long we are out off the loop so to speak as to who provides the best service, you can try your luck with some of the links below if you wish,