Domain Names

Selecting the right domain name is probably the most important thing you can do in establishing your presence on the Internet.

If you or your company are considering making a website at some point, then you should register your domain name today.  Over 60,000 domain names are registered per day, so if you decide to wait you may find that your preferred domain name has already been taken.

We can offer the following to our customers:

  • A full Domain registry service
  • A full DNS management service
  • A full Email management service, including PoP3, Web-mail and mail forwarding
  • Sub-domain set up and management service, including full email function per sub-domain
  • Domain and sub domain forwarding service


Content Management Or CMS Website Design

Cheap Website DesignWe will take care of any domain requirements as part of any website design or ecommerce service that we are developing for you.

You can check your domain availablity here





Some services our customers want to have seperate, however, It is hard to recommend other providers since we have used our own services for so long we are out off the loop so to speak as to who provides the best service,  you can try your luck with some of the links below if you wish,