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Why Get a CMS website ?

Simple, once the CMS (Content Management System) website is set up you can easily manage it yourself with out help or need for a website designer,


Everything design wise is setup all you need do is add content as and when you need to, its ideal for a website that want to grow quickly or for websites that wish to update its content regularly,


The process of making or editing your website pages is simple and doesn’t require any specialist knowledge

Why get Rydalweb’s CMS driven website design?

  • You will require no software, everthing works from the CMS website
  • There is no training required, if you can use Word you are over qualified
  • You will be in complete control of your websites content
  • You can automatically add new pages and navigation to new pages
  • We offer complete guidance and support throughout the process
  • Cost effective website design that is future proof & fully expandable to meet your needs
  • You are not tied to us , any future designer can easly maintain our CMS

Our CMS Website Design include the following set-up as standard and costs from only £499

Custom Website Design: Based on your initial brief with unlimited redesign, We can create a design around an existing idea/logo, or even certain images you wish used Google Analytics Installed: What has to be the Best Website visitor tracking method around, see how your website visitors got to you and how long they spent doing what,
Unlimited pages CMS Website:Up to 10 pages initially set up for you, plus add as many more as you like from your Admin Area where you can add/remove/edit the webpage’s yourself Search Engine Optimisation:Initial pages setup to get the best response from search engines,
Blog Installed:

your website will have a blog on your site allows for easy updating of events and goings on with out need to edit your main pages all the time, its also a great way to create content and have visitors come back to the site
Search Engine Submission:You will be added to the main search engines, Google, Yahoo, BingNew domain normaly take a few weeks to show up somtimes longer
Contact form Installed: Allows customers to email you without having to open their mail client, helps reduce spam as well to your inbox since the email isn’t shown
Free Advertising:
Get a free £50 Google Adword Voucher to start you off, Gives you instant access to first page results on Google, a great way to sample paid advertising for free
Image Gallery Installed:Showcase your Work or products and services, Free Domain:1yr Domain Name we will register the domain under your name so you have full ownership of your domain
Google maps:Show where you at at on Google Maps, Free Hosting:1yr Website Hosting We host your site on our private servers which we only use for our design customers
Social Media Buttons installed:

Allows visitors to quickly link your webpage’s back to Facebook, Twitter, ect. Social media is really a must for any one that wishes to reach out to there perspective and current customers
Free Email: Email Addresses, you can have as many email addresses as you need eg,

Media feed Installed:

Make your website more interactive if you have media feeds that show your products why not add them, e.g. YouTube Video


Free Support & Upgrades:1 years Support & upgrades
we will fully support you in your understanding of what you need to do as well as keep an eye on your site & updating the system, ( not content,)
Optional extras or Add-ons

  • Extra Pages: if you wish us to layout extra webpage’s for your CMS website then we charge £19.99 per page
  • Domain Name £9.99 yr
  • Website Hosting £5.00 pm or £50 yr
  • Logo Design: Basic logo £25 Professional logo £49 suitable for your website or brand,
  • PayPal Buy it Now Button:A safe and secure way to allow your visitors to buy online from you ( £ DOR*)
  • Ecommerce: you can have an ecommerce add on ideal for small volume/range , selling sites


Get Started today with our CMS website from Only £499

To get started, contact us with your initial thoughts and questions and we can arrange a quote for you or if you are happy to go ahead then you can purchase below now.




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