Cheap Website Design

Our Cheap Website Designs are a Great way for Small Business on a Small Budget to get a website up.

All you need is some type of place holder to allow you to have a minimal online presence. Content wise, you only need to create a few lines of who, what and how, plus add an image or two and you’re finished – now you have somewhere to send people when they ask for your website.

Cheap does not mean cheap looking – we can provide you with a professional website with minimal fuss.


Just give us a basic brief Supply us your Content and Images and we will design, your website, We can take care of everything for you, from Domain regesterstion and DNS Settings to your website hosting

We don’t give you a text limit, however we recommend that you do not try to cram in loads of text to the site, since it is off putting to visitors. If you have lots of content, we would advise you to really think about using it to its best potential and spreading it out throughout a bigger sized website. If your business is in its infancy, this type of site is excellent to represent you online initially with minimal outlay; as your business grows and develops, we can work with you to develop your site to give you a greater web presence. you can upgrade your website into a full CMS website should you wish to expand latter on we will even refund you the cost of your inital build against a new purchase

Our Cheap Website Design includes the following set-up as standard and costs from only £149

Custom Website Design: Based on your initial brief with redesigns, We can create a design around an existing idea/logo, or even certain images you wish used 3-6 page HTML Website:Up to 6 pages initially set up for you, in HTML With your content professionally laid out for you, Up to 4 Images with in your text per page

Demo Website

Upgrade your design:In the future you may want to upgrade your website to a full CMS Website you can easly do so keeping your existing design and save 20% Google maps:Show where you at at on Google Maps,
Social Media Buttons installed:

Allows visitors to quickly link your webpage’s back to Facebook, Twitter, ect. Social media is really a must for any one that wishes to reach out to there perspective and current customers
Search Engine Optimisation:Initial pages setup to get the best response from search engines,
Media feed Installed:Make your website more interactive if you have media feeds that show your products why not add them, e.g. YouTube Video
Search Engine Submission:
You will be added to the main search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing New domains normaly take a few weeks to show up somtimes longer
Free Domain:1yr Domain Name we will register the domain under your name so you have full ownership of your domain Free Advertising:Get a free £25 Google Adword Voucher to start you off, Gives you instant access to first page results on Google, a great way to sample paid advertising for free
Free Hosting:1yr Website Hosting We host your site on our private servers which we only use for our design customers Free Email: Up to 3 Email Addresses initially set up , you can have any email addresses as you like eg,
Free Support:1 years Support & upgrades we will fully support you in your understanding of what you need to do as well as keep an eye on your site ( not content updates,)
Yearly Renewal Only £99: Everything you need for your website to remain up and running all year, we will even update existing content as part of your yearly renewal,
  • Domain Renewal: continued Domain and email service
  • Website Hosting Renewal, continued hosting service
  • Content updates: Up to 1 pages included with your yearly renewal.
  • Support: Full website support with continued advice support and guidance with regards to your online presence

Extra Options for your Cheap Website Design

Extra Pages: Add an extra page for only £19.99 at time of initial build, or in the future for £25

Logo Design: Basic logo £25 Professional logo £49 suitable for your website or brand,

PayPal Buy it Now Button: A safe and secure way to allow your visitors to buy online from you

Hosting options: Basic Hosting is free as part of the yearly renewal: Up grade your hosting for extra features bandwidth ect. if required,

Content updates: is £19.99 per page or 3 pages for £50, Up to 1 pages included with your yearly renewal.

Website Hosting Upload: if you wish to use your own hosting or existing domain then you are free to do so, Your website design will be provided to you in a HTML format .


To get started, contact us with your initial thoughts and questions and we can arrange a quote for you, or if you are happy to go ahead then you can purchase below now. We require your payment, Brief and content before we can start,

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